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dimanche, décembre 11, 2011

what 's music?

Music ?

what would you be without music?
Music is eveything; Nature is music (cicadas in the tropical night);
the sea is music; the wind is music.

Primitive elements are music, agreable and discordant;
the rain is music on the roof and the storm ragging in the sky is music.

Every country in the world has is own music
and music becomes an ambassador.

The Tango in Argentina and the Calypso in Antilles ,
music is the oldest ikontey.

A baby is born and music puts him to sleep, he can't read,
he can't understand a picture but he will listen to music.

Music is marriage; music is death ; the scope of music is immensity and infinity.

Music is the "esperanto" of the world;
Music arrouses courage and leads you to war;
The romans used to have drums rollings before they attacked.

Where the buggle to sound "wake up" and pay hommage to the brave warrior.

The "marseillaise" had lead many generations to victory and revolutions;
it is a chant of wild exitement, delirium and pride

Music is eternal; Music is divine

You pray to young god with music;
Music can't dictate moods, it can emerve and subdue, subjugate, exhaust, asternet the heart

Music is cedar, an evergreen tree, a fragment of durable wood

Music is like honor and pride, free from defect, dammage and decay.

Without music i may feel blind, attropied, incomplete, inexistant

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